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We are Efebia, a blockchain technology company imaging and developing new decentralized solutions. We got our hands dirty with different kind of blockchain (yes, there are many and many!) and we do it every day. That's why we are able to say "no, you don't need blockchain" or explore with you unknown lands. We love our job and we strive to serve the best application to our customers.
We are based in Italy, but we have clients from all over the world.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to live in a decentralized world


We deliver a great variety of cutting edge blockchain solutions. We work together with you to design, create and integrate a tailored blockchain for the specific need. We are really into the bits of blockchain. We get you to know how they work so when we define a road map you understand it clear.

System Integration

You're safe with us you'll have robust applications, easy to understand the dynamics behind, easy to monitor and easy to add new features. And it will always integrate correctly wiht your systems. We born as system integrators: there will be no struggling in mapping fields, providing HA, sharing data, unwanted downtime.

Web & Mobile Development

As programmers, we love to use cutting edge frameworks to grant our customers to always have THE most advanced solution. We always take in consideration multiple technologies, the solution will be faster and easier to maintain. Web and Mobile application make no exception.


You don't know blockchain? Do you want to use it correctly? We can guide you in this "ocean" of blockchains, giving you a clear map of all the pros and cons. We take pride in educating our clients.

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