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If you are looking for a stimulating challenge and want to be part of a team that shares your values, know that at Efebia you will find a flexible working environment, opportunities for continuous learning and innovative projects that will allow you to fully express your potential.


Our team

We are a united remote team, made up of young people from different parts of the world, united by a passion for innovation. Our strength lies in the diversity of our skills and perspectives, which allows us to face challenges in a creative and strategic way. Every day we strive to share our knowledge and ideas, fostering an environment of mutual learning.

How we hire


First assessment

Depending on the department you wish to enter, we might ask you to complete a simple task first. Just to check your practical coding, designing, or copywriting skills.


Skill assessment

We will invite you to a meeting with a department head you would like to join. During the video call, you will be given a second exercise to complete in a limited time to test your skills.


Meeting you

Your potential future leader will conduct a more in-depth analysis of your experience and what you could bring to the team. At this stage, our recruiter will get to know you to see if you are suitable for our open positions.



You've reached the final stage! Here we are already committed to working with you. We will make you an offer based on your aspirations and needs.

Benefits of working at Efebia

Work from anywhere

Efebia is a remote-operating company. Our team members are spread all over the world, allowing us to be flexible and productive.

Equipment included

Should you not have the necessary tools, Efebia will provide you with the appropriate equipment to work in total serenity.

Join a diverse team

At Efebia, we are all young people full of passion and talent. In our team, you can do what you love and learn new things.

Grow professionally

Efebia's team is available to resolve any doubts and share its knowledge with you if you are interested in learning about specific topics.

Participate in game time

Despite the distance, there are many moments of interaction that will allow you to get involved and share your passions with the team.

Stay up to date

The technology stack is always evolving. This allows you to continuously learn without getting stuck on what you already know.

Job offers

Blockchain Developer

The purpose of the internship is the developm...


Web Designer - UX/UI Designer

The candidate will learn to conceive and desi...


Mobile and Frontend Developer

The candidate will be placed in a team where ...


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